The road to online success

Drive for online success

Your target group is our target group. Your customer is our customer. We deliver online performance. We are Sterc.

User centered design

User centered design

Our goal is optimal online performance for our customers. We approach your target group as if they were our customers. The user is central to both the front-end and back-end of the web apps we build. We supply bespoke solutions based on our open source MODX CMS and its advanced basic functionality.

Online strategy


Before we construct the foundations, we first make sure all the building materials are in order. Of course, we aim to create an architectural masterpiece, but only after having considered how and why. You won’t get anywhere without a strategy. Without a final destination, a roadmap is useless. 




After delivering your new online masterpiece, the Sterc Service Desk is at your service. Dedicated and always up-to-date. 


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