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If you do what you did before, you’ll get what you got before. We aim for better, best. We summarise your wishes, discuss requirements, formulate goals, and determine the strategy. Our Sterc model is both famous and feared. Practical and challenging. We drag you out of your comfort zone, because that’s how you grow. We really dig deep for your KPIs and ROI, and it's a strategy that really works.



Our model has been proven to be effective.

By sharing, you’ll go further; but take care of our knowledge.


The chances are that you know exactly why you have approached us. But the chances are we’ll dispute that. We broaden and deepen your problem statement, and are maddeningly curious about your communication question. We work thoroughly, and that’s why we dive into our Sterc model. Its effectiveness for our customers has been proven.

Sterc model
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Our model has been proven to be effective.

By sharing, you’ll go further; but take care of our knowledge.

Choose your preferences with the Sterc model


If you don’t make a choice, you should be prepared for anything. It’s just the same online. You must choose who you want to serve. Who are your heroes? What do you choose? What are your KPIs? For example, we track how many leads your website generates, or whether your quotes are well received and how much they earn for your organisation. With the Sterc model as a framework, we determine your strategy. 


Strategy is key. Your strategy deserves a medal. You stand in the crowd cheering, you know exactly where you’re heading: ooooh yes! But how do you get there? We’ll also help you with that. We translate your strategy into tactics. We incorporate your total online mix, from social to SEO, SEA and content marketing. 

We determine conversion goals, train the content manager (in you), and help you get started with social media and content marketing. You can manage all online channels from within the open source MODX CMS.

Achieving set goals


After delivering your online masterpiece, we look further ahead. Where do you need to improve performance? What are the opportunities for online marketing? What does Google Analytics say about our work? We will continue to support you. So you can keep improving once everything is operational.

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