MODX and Security

MODX Security

Being safe and sound online

A secure website is more important now than ever. This is because of the GDPR legislation, the increasing threat of hackers and the automated hacking attacks, among other things. Since day one MODX has focused on the security of your website and keeps updating its CMS to make it even more secure. How does MODX guarantee the security of its websites? That’s what you’ll find more about in this blog!



Over 15 years ago MODX was created with the focus on creative freedom, without losing sight over safety. The MODX CMS gives end users (content managers), designers and developers all the freedom to create a beautiful and functional online product. This CMS lets you easily distribute content on all your different channels and you can add all the functionalities and features you need to achieve your goals.


MODX and security

Security is very important to MODX, but how does the MODX community do this? Within this community is a team of developers (so-called integrators) that checks all the code contributed to this CMS, before adding it to the latest version. Besides checking the contributions, this team also continuously checks the existing code. When a vulnerability in the CMS is found, this immediately gets addressed and solved.


MODX’ security vs other CMSs

In general, all CMSs will take great value on their security. Still, there is a big difference between the security of MODX compared to other CMSs. As the image below shows, WordPress is the least secure CMS. Most of it is because of the fact that half of the websites available are made in WordPress. That’s why hackers mainly focus on WordPress websites than the ones made in MODX.

Besides that, in WordPress, everyone can add plugins without the code getting checked. That’s how badly coded and mostly unsafe plugins can easily be added to your website, which eventually only does more harm than good.

Security in CMSs


How can you make your website more secure?

To make your website as secure as possible and to offer your online users security and privacy, it’s important to take a look at these points:

  • Request an SSL certificate for your website. This is to show your users that they can be sure that you secure the information they share on your website;

  • Keep your software up-to-date;

  • Choose the right server/web hosting that shows the level of security you want your website to be in;

  • Try to download plugins that have been downloaded more than once, are recently updated and have good reviews to be more certain that they won’t crash your website.

Website scan

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More about MODX?

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