Voice search SEO

Voice search SEO

Ok Google, how do I optimize my website for voice search?

Nowadays voice search becomes more and more important. With the rise of Google Home, Assistant, Siri and Alexa voice search becomes indispensable. But a new way of searching asks for a new way of search engine optimization (SEO). Think about using other keywords, the importance of your company’s location and a mobile first website. How can you make your website ready for voice search?


What is voice search?

Earlier you could only search with text, but nowadays you can also search using your voice. Voice search gives you the possibility to search without typing using your mobile phone with a voice assistant or at home using a speaker like Google Home. Talking is a lot easier and faster than typing, that’s why voice search is used more and more. These handsfree searches could be used during driving, cooking or cleaning. This video showes how you can use voice search.


Text search vs. voice search

As you can read, voice searches are becoming increasingly important. Currently 20% of all searches worldwide are voice searches. ComScore even expects that voice search will be half of all the searches in 2020. So it is essential for a company to be right on top of this. One of the most obvious difference between typing your search and voice search is the search results Google gives. With text search you get several search results, while using voice search you get only one answer. So it is more important than ever to get on the number 1 position. But how do you get there?


Voice search SEO for your website

When you want to optimize your website voor voice search, you have to take care of these things:

1. Long tail keywords

When using text search you type just a few words, whereas using voice search you ask complete sentences. Asking questions gives Google a lot more information than just typing a few words. This way Google knows the intention of the search a lot better. Using long tail keywords and having texts that answer that question fastly is very important. You can use the following website to see which questions your target group asks: https://answerthepublic.com/


2. Mobile first

For now people use mostly their mobile phone for voice search. This means that a mobile first website is more important now than ever. Not only that, but your website needs to feature your most important business information. Take for example the location of your business. Because users of voice search ask complete questions like ‘the best pizzeria in this town’ or ‘call an electrician close to me’, your location is vital information to put on your website. Accompany this with your phone number or mail address so people (your customers!) can get in contact with you right away.


Be ready for the future

Briefly, it is very important to change your keywords. Ask yourself which questions your target group can have about your company or the products/services you offer. Besides that, it is useful to add a FAQ-page to your website so questions can be answered very quickly. Finally, you have to add the most important information of your company. Such as location and contact information. 


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