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MODX 2 Print in three steps

Using the MODX CMS, you can work online with the Brochure Generator to prepare a brochure in your own corporate design in three easy steps (MODX 2 Print):

  1. Create
  2. Compose
  3. Export

First you create pages for your brochure using predefined templates. With simple click, drag and drop actions, you then compose your brochure. You then choose how to export the brochure: as a web or certified PDF for printing.

Create Brochure

Step 1: Create

The first step in making your brochure is to design the pages. This can easily be done from within the CMS. In other words, content management for printed materials. Using predefined templates, you can fill the pages with text and images in no time. You will have access to multiple templates, so you can create as many pages as you want.


Compose brochure

Step 2: Compose

You compose your brochure based on the individually-created pages. This means your brochures can vary both in content and size. You can create brochures with different contents and sizes for each target group or sector. By assigning rights in the CMS, other departments in your organisation can compose brochures. For example, the communications department can handle creation, while the sales department can use their own login to compose the brochure.

Export brochure

Step 3: Export

Once you've finished composing the brochure, choose the export format. You can choose between a web PDF or a certified PDF for printing. The Brochure generator will automatically adjust the file format. Sales can send the web PDF by e-mail immediately, and your communication team can delight the printers with input for some offline craftsmanship. Done!


The Brochure generator is a modular system, your one-stop MODX 2 Print solution. Additional modules are available, and of course Sterc can transform all your wishes into functionality.

For whom?

The Brochure generator is suitable for various sectors. You can easily convert your online product database into a beautiful brochure. You work in MODX, the same CMS that you use to manage your website. Not using MODX yet? Then this is the moment to start.

See our MODX work

Thanks to the various user roles, it's easy to split brochure management tasks, for example creation and composition. The simplicity of MODX means any member of staff can work with the Brochure Generator. Naturally, we offer training when launching the tool. With the help of statistics, you can see how often the Brochure Generator is used and by whom at any time. 


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