Email marketing

Email marketing

Learn how you can increase your sales and build valuable relationships with emails

Email marketing is a tool that proved its power years ago. With a great strategy, the right design, and relevant content, you can build that strong relationship your readers and leads are longing for. With email marketing, you will know how to get your emails opened and read and your site visited without being spammy.

  • Increase your mailing list with irresistible downloads
  • Create emails that get read
  • Generate traffic with indispensable CTAs
  • Increase your sales with exciting content
  • Build a valuable relationship
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Why email marketing

Email marketing is about sending emails to your target group, but there’s way more to it than that. When done correctly, you can build great relationships with your target group. When sending emails regularly, you’ll also stay visible without becoming annoying. Your public will know who they can contact when they’re ready to take the next step in their customer journey, and you’re the person who makes that step more accessible. In short, email marketing is way more than just sending newsletters, and you can use it to achieve multiple goals. Are you ready to get started with HubSpot, MailChimp, or MailCamp?

Increase your mailing list in no-time

When getting started with email marketing, you might notice you don’t have a lot of readers at first. However, we’re ready to shake things up. Email marketing makes sure you know what your target group is looking for. You’ll know what content you to create to become indispensable to your target group. With the right tool, you can transform that valuable content into irresistible downloads, such as e-books, brochures, and checklists.

When you create more valuable content, your leads will leave their personal information in your forms to get those useful downloads. Other enthusiasts can subscribe to your newsletter and receive discounts and updates. You can also use popup forms to make subscribing and converting easier than ever!

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Build a valuable relationship

By creating appealing forms and interesting downloads, you’ll make sure your leads want to leave their information. You can save this data in your mailing list and CRM so that you can provide your readers with not only valuable information but also a personalized experience.


Want to know more about offering personalized content and automating this?

Read all about it in our piece about marketing automation!


Email marketing and ROI

Increase sales with an ROI of 3800%

Email marketing not only delivers a gigantic return on investment but also increases your sales. Two-thirds of consumers purchase something after seeing a company’s email, creating a massive opportunity for your company and web shop. You can further increase your sales by integrating your web shop with your email marketing software. Now you can show off your products even easier and sell them better than ever.

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Improve your service and create fans

Of course, you want this valuable relationship you’ve just built to last. Email marketing can also help you with that! In addition to increasing sales and offering interesting content, you can also send out surveys or notify your readers about essential updates. Both you and your customers will know what’s happening, and you’ll improve your relationship even more.

Email marketing in your own management

In complete control

It might be the biggest benefit of email marketing: you’ll fully manage everything. You won’t have to deal with weird algorithms from social media and search engines. Only you will have the power to create emails that get opened, read, and clicked. That’s what makes email marketing so exciting. By tweaking your newsletter to fit your readers’ needs, you’ll get to know your target group even better.

Decide your strategy with the Sterc model

A strong start

At Sterc, we acknowledge the value of email marketing in every step of the customer journey. We know that emails let us stay connected with our customers and provide valuable content to our leads. To get your goals straight, we’ll always start with our Sterc Model. We’ll know how you want to use email marketing, and we can further form your online strategy.

Integrate MODX with email marketing platforms

Email marketing and MODX

The MODX CMS is the perfect platform to use for email marketing. Every email marketing platform, such as MailChimp, HubSpot, and MailCamp, can be integrated with this CMS so that you can share the content from your website, webshop or other online product even more naturally. You’ll not only increase your sales but also build a strong connection with your leads and customers.