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Experience how this platform takes marketing to the next level

HubSpot is the platform when it comes to modern-day marketing. This powerful platform focuses on everything that helps you connect with your target group. With personalized online content, effective sales emails, and advanced service, your target group gets the attention they deserve. That’s how leads become customers, and customers become the evangelists of your company.

  • Keep all lead and customer data in one place
  • Create personalized marketing activities that let leads convert
  • Make your sales more efficient and gain customer insights
  • Optimize your service and improve your responses to customers
  • Let leads turn into customers and customers into real fans
Flywheel HubSpot

The all-in-one package for everyone

HubSpot is a powerful all-in-one platform where CRM, marketing, sales, and service come together. You can optimize your company, become visible to all online users, respond to the needs of your leads, and build a strong relationship with your customers, all with just one platform. These features are powerful alone but explosively good when used together. How will you use HubSpot to achieve your goals?

Powerful CRM

At its core, HubSpot is a powerful CRM in which all data comes together in one place. By adding other Hubs, you can collect even more data from all the different systems and platforms you manage. You can manage data from the web, social media, email marketing, sales emails, chats, meetings, and digital ads such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads and get to know your leads and clients. Now you can improve your service and respond perfectly to the needs of your target group.

Next level marketing with HubSpot

Marketing efficiency

HubSpot is a next-level marketing automation platform, so it’s no surprise that most people use it to optimize their marketing. With HubSpot, you can automate and personalize your marketing activities while improving your visibility and relationship with relevant leads at the same time.

Chat MPC industries


To improve the connection you have with your target group, you can use chats and chatbots. With live chat, you can erase any barriers to leads and customers asking their questions, while helping them to chat to the right person by automatically assigning the right person to the right question. That's how you can help your target group in the most efficient way possible.

Chatbot MPC industries


Easily create chatbots within HubSpot, and achieve your leads, sales, and service goals. Not only can you help your customers 24/7, but you will also be more efficient by assigning the right customer to the right person. So B2C leads that aren't relevant for a B2B business - or the other way around - will always be helped in the right way.

Forms in HubSpot


HubSpot makes creating forms and fly-outs easier than ever. With a drag & drop system, you create forms directly in HubSpot, while saving the received data in HubSpot's CRM. Great features like progressive form fields, assigning persona, and automatic follow-ups, make segmenting lists and predictive lead scoring fun again.


Meeting planner HubSpot

Meeting planner

With HubSpot's meeting planner, you'll never have to worry about endlessly emailing back and forth to make an appointment. Integrate your Google or Outlook Calendar and HubSpot will create a meeting planner showing only dates and times you're available. Not only is this invaluable for demos, but you can also plan short meetings, or make appointments during exhibitions.

Personalize with inbound marketing

An essential feature of HubSpot is personalization. HubSpot offers a powerful CRM for saving all interactions and data of all different channels in one place. And you can use this data to provide your prospects and customers a personalized experience.

And it is successful. Data from HubSpot research shows that personalized content is 212% better than generic content. Which is why you need to get started with creating valuable content that suits your target group's needs, so they'll convert faster and become real promoters of your brand.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Automate activities

Do more in less time — that’s what automating your marketing activities is all about. With the marketing automation platform HubSpot, you can create email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and digital ads in no-time. All while offering valuable content for every person within your target group, wherever they are in their experience journey!


Want to know more about automating your activities?

You can read all about marketing automation here


HubSpot Lead Scoring

Qualify leads

HubSpot is a powerful platform for getting more insights about your leads, but how can you get all this data sorted? With HubSpot’s lead scoring tool, you can qualify leads by giving every activity a certain amount of points. You’ll know where every lead is in their customer journey. Every click, open, view, and download is given points, so subscribers become real promoters of your brand, and only the valuable Marketing Qualified Leads are sent to your sales team.

HubSpot Funnel

Convert leads

HubSpot is a powerful platform for your sales team too. Get started with inbound sales and know precisely what your target group needs. Knowing how your leads came to your company, where they are in your sales funnel, and which questions they have lets you offer the exact things they want—without being annoying. You can guide them through your funnels and help them convert faster than ever.

HubSpot email templates

Sales that works

Change your cold acquisition in automated emails without becoming impersonal. By creating templates and tweaking them to fit every lead and customer, you can respond to the things they are looking for. You’ll never send cold emails that don’t work again while also saving a lot of time.

Deals HubSpot

Keep track of your funnel

With HubSpot, gaining insights into your leads, customers, and internal teams has never been easier. Lifecycle stages and deal boards show you where your leads and customers are having trouble, which leads are interesting for sales, and which phase every deal is in. Every team within your company can help one another convert sales into deals and leads into customers.

Valuable service

With HubSpot being all about your customers, it is a useful platform for your service team too. Happy customers increase your sales, and they become promoters of your brand. HubSpot lets you build up a great relationship with your customers.

Because all your teams come together on one platform, you can help your customers more than ever. HubSpot shows you what your leads are having problems with, and you can quickly help them with knowledge articles, chats, emails, and calls.

HubSpot Survey Tool

Improve your service

When you want to offer the right information and build a long-term relationship with your customers, it’s essential to ask them for feedback. With HubSpot Survey, you’ll know in a split second what customers like so much about your company and where the points for improvement lay. You discover the real fans of your company, and they can help your company gain even more visibility and improve your image.

HubSpot API

HubSpot API

With all these functionalities HubSpot has to offer, you’ll have an all-round platform for the online world at your fingertips. Now, you can say goodbye to all separate systems for chat, email marketing, CRM, and so on. Still not ready to say your farewells? Not a problem! We can connect HubSpot and the MODX CMS to any software package, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce Pardot, and MailChimp.

HubSpot Platinum Partner

HubSpot Platinum Partner

Together with HubSpot Platinum Partner Seefore, we’ve created compelling marketing automation strategies for our clients. By fully integrating HubSpot with MODX, you can use all the data from HubSpot's CRM in the MODX CMS. That's how you can even get started with HubSpot's personalization, automation, tracking within your MODX platform!


HubSpot & MODX

The MODX Content Management System and the marketing automation platform HubSpot are a match made in heaven. HubSpot can be fully integrated with MODX so that they complement each other even more. HubSpot helps you create a strong connection with your leads and customers, and MODX provides support in the form of a powerful multichannel CMS for every online platform. From websites to webshops, HubSpot and MODX will help you achieve your online goals.

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