Marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is totally hip. No wonder! Marketing automation is about software that automates parts of your marketing and saves you time and effort. Think of automatic e-mails, messages on social media or other actions on your website. We are happy to tell you how we can help you with marketing automation. 

There are a few well-known software suites that you can use to automate your marketing. For example, we work with Marketo, Pardot and Hubspot for our clients. But because of the flexibility of MODX we can actually connect pretty much anything.

We always start the process by discussing the flow we want to automate. Because we are MODX specialists, it often involves integrating functionality on the website with marketing automation software. For example, we build certain marketing pages with forms that are processed directly in Marketo. Or a quotation form on a website that is fully linked with Hubspot. We make sure it all looks good and that you can manage it easily.

The data from your website is loaded directly into the software you already work with. This way we make sure that you don't waste any time implementing new programs. You can continue working as usual, but with more leads and better conversions.



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