Connect MODX to anything!

A huge advantage of MODX is the flexibility it offers: you can make it fit all your needs - if you know how to work with it of course. We've connected MODX to Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Nutshell, LiquidPlanner, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Exact Synergy and several bespoke CRM and ERP systems.

Also think out of the box: your organisation has data lying around everywhere: in documents, spreadsheets, internal network storage, dropbox, Microsoft Cloud, Google Drive, etc. The horror scenario would be to have to enter all that data into your CMS again in order to get it online. We'll save you from that nightmare by connecting your internal data systems to MODX. No more double-data entry!

Security & privacy first

Security & Privacy first

Convenience comes with a risk, a risk of opening up too many doors to your internal systems. We will keep you safe from potential dangers:

  • We inform you of potential risks
  • We are very selective in the data we make available
  • Connections are secure, password & token protected
  • Saving data on webservers is done on hidden private folders
  • Sensitive data is saved encrypted on the webserver
ERP and CRM, we connect 'm all!

You name it, we connect it

The data world around us is changing into a world where all data can be exchanged. There are fewer proprietary data formats being used, which means we can read anything from XML, JSON, CSV to XLS(X) files. Governments are even enforcing the use of Open Data, which makes the world a better place when it comes to connecting data. If it is readable, we can connect to it!


Trusted by 60.000+ customers world-wide

Trusted by 80.000+ customers

Our extras are being used by over 80.000 MODX customers around the globe.

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