MODX Extras by Sterc

We use the best tools available within our agency. This applies to our hardware, software, but also for our web applications. Therefore we use MODX as our content management system: flexibility and speed of implementation are two of the many strenghts of MODX. We created several extras for MODX to enhance the user experience and the ability to optimize it for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

All extras can be installed through the MODX Installer. You can also find these extras on our public Github page, where you can review the code, issue bugs and feature requests.


FormIt is a dynamic form processing snippet for MODX Revolution developers. It handles form submission, validation and followup actions like sending an email or storing encrypted versions of these mails for later reference. Learn more about FormIt or download it.


SEO Tab was introduced to add a SEO optimisation layer to your MODX install. SEO Tab keeps your URL structure safe with (automatic) 301 redircts and makes sure Search Engines will index your web pages in the fastest possible way. Learn more about FormIt or download it.


MODX SEO Pro is an ideal way of climbing up the ladder when it comes to Search Engine Optimizations (SEO). This tool makes sure you’ll be reminded of your keyword usage and character limits and is the perfect companion for making every page SEO-proof.

SEO Pro gives you:

  • Keyword optimization by determining focus keywords;
  • Optimization of page title (Title), long title (SEO Title), description (META description) and alias (URL) by comparing keywords to content;
  • Real time preview of how your page will look like in the Google Search results.


The FileSluggy MODX extra sanitizes the filename, after it has been uploaded via the FileManager. This can also be used in snippets, after the class is loaded. The FileSluggy extra will also work on OnFileManagerUpload.

Customization options include:

  • Adding a prefix;
  • Remove the filename;
  • Determine the files the extra should work on;

Google Maps TV

The Google Maps Template Variable is an ideal tool for websites that need to give address related information to their visitors. It’s perfect for when someone needs to manage their address and it gives users the possibility to create a route planner.

The MODX Google Maps Template Variable will add a map and several address fields. It’s also possible to drag and drop the marker on the map, so you can pinpoint its exact location.


Batcher is a batch-editing Extra for MODX Revolution. It allows you to perform powerful actions on multiple resources, in order to save you some time.


Formalicious is a powerful multi-step form builder, with support for 8 different field typesbuilt-in validation, and the ability to use hooksand other advanced FormIt features. Formalicious speeds up your own form-building and also enables your clients to manage their own formswith just a few clicks. Powered by Sterc.

SEO Suite

SEO Suite is a premium MODX Extra which automatically fixes 404 errors on your website by searching for related content on your website and creating a 301 redirect to that page.