MODX Extra by Sterc: Digital Signage

MODX Extra: Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a MODX Extra by Sterc which enables you to integrate 'digital signage' a.k.a. 'narrowcasting' in your MODX installation. You can use it for announcements and schedules, but also for showing your products in public spaces. Broadcast anything: text, images and video. You're also able to connect an RSS feed or social media account. Download it here.

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MODX Extra by Sterc: Digital Signage


Developers are in full control of this MODX Extra. You can set up the MODX Extra and create your first custom broadcast. The broadcasts consist of various slides which you can edit individually. Each broadcast comes with a unique URL, which can be added to a media player.



  • Basic installation for a developer
  • Completely customizable for your client
  • Unlimited number of slides, broadcasts and mediaplayers
  • Pair it with any RSS feed you want
  • Create custom play schedules


  • Manager interface built with ExtJS
  • Easy extendable
  • Slides are fully built in HTML and JavaScript
  • Easy to connect with API data
Digital Signage : MODX Extra van Sterc


All you need for MODX Digital Signage is a reliable piece of hardware with a Wi-Fi connection and a browser. An Asus Chromebit is a perfect fit for this. Connect it via HDMI to a display and you're all set!


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