MODX Extra by Sterc: FormIt

MODX Extra: FormIt 3.0

FormIt is a dynamic form processing snippet for MODX Revolution developers. It handles form submission, validation and followup actions like sending an email or storing encrypted versions of these mails for later reference. Download it here.

MODX Extra by Sterc: FormIt


We've released FormIt 3.0 in order to avoid issues with Mcrypt in the near future, since it will be deprecated in PHP 7.2. Mcrypt has therefore been replaced by OpenSSL encryption.

After updating to 3.0.0, you should refresh the page and notice a red bar on the top of your manager. From there, you can initiate the migration process, which will unencrypt your saved forms using Mcrypt and immediately encrypt it using OpenSSL.

It is highly recommended to migrate ASAP!

MODX Extra by Sterc: FormIt

What's new in version 3.0?

  • Mcrypt encryption/decryption has been replaced with openSSL due to mcrypt being deprecated in PHP 7.2
  • Added default file-based chunks as objects
  • Added support for pdoTools getChunk method
  • Added French countries for FormItCountryOptions
  • Added Dutch countries for FormItCountryOptions
  • Added ExtJs stateful parameters to CMP tabs

Would you like to learn more about FormIt? Read the docs!

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