MailChimp for MODX

MailChimp for MODX


This extra adds subscribers to MailChimp lists using FormIt and the MailChimp API. It adds a snippet for retrieving Mailchimp lists in a single select TV and a FormIt hook for subscribing Mailchimp users to the list provided in the pages Template Variable.


  • Add MailChimp API Key in systemsettings: mailchimpsubscribe.mailchimp_api_key
  • Option 1: Create a new single select TV variable and set the input option values to:@EVAL return $modx->runSnippet('MailChimpGetLists');
  • Add MailChimp List ID TV in systemsettings: mailchimpsubscribe.list_tv
  • Option 2: Set the FormIt scriptProperty &mailchimpListId to the correct MailChimp List ID
  • Add MailChimpSubscribe to your FormIt hooks
  • Add in your chunk the placeholder fi.error.mailchimp, which holds all MailChimp error messages.
  • Add a field called newsgroup, if the value of this field is set to yes, the user will be subscribed to the mailchimp list.

Download MailChimp for MODX FormIt

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