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MODX Audit

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Get the most out of MODX

The MODX Audit shows you a list with improvements in the area of security, speed, usability, findability and so on. This is how you can get the most out of MODX and improve your online performance. Improve your website, SEO and online performance over all and request a MODX Audit.

The powerful MODX CMS

You’ve probably noticed how powerful and flexible the MODX CMS is. Fully customize this CMS to your online goals, to maximize the online performance of your online product, like a website, webapp or digital signage.

However, it’s still possible you’ve haven’t update this online product lately, which makes your website seem ‘outdated’. With our free MODX Audit we look at the points of improvement MODX still has to offer you.

Want to know how you can improve your online performance? Request a MODX Audit!

MODX Audit Optimisation

Benefits of the MODX Audit

Using the MODX Audit we look at security and speed, but also user experience, findability and other point of improvement. They all come in handy, because the online world is continuously changing and you get a list with the most important improvements.

MODX and Speed

MODX and speed

One of these points of improvement is the speed of your website. Because of this smart CMS, the speed of your website is probably already better than most of your competence. Still it can occur that this speed has declined, because of internal and external updates, like Google Pagespeed. Using the MODX Audit we detect this and find out which improvements are necessary.

Creating worldwide success with:

MODX and Security

MODX and security

MODX offers a very secure system by default, because of the team inside the MODX Community that checks all the code. MODX will keep updating the security of its CMS, MODX Extras and integrations. That’s how there’ll still be room for improvement in the security of your MODX product.

MODX and Findability

MODX and findability

MODX offers several possibilities to be found online. One example for this is by adding the right (SEO) plugins. By continuously developing new plugins or updating the existing ones, causes the ones you installed to be outdated. Our MODX audit shows you how you can improve your SEO and lets you be findable online again.

MODX Audit or Demo

MODX Audit or Demo

The MODX Audit shows you where and how you can improve the online performance of your MODX product. When you’re new to MODX you probably want to see how flexible this CMS is or you’re curious how we can customize this CMS for you. You can always request our free MODX Demo. Together we look what MODX can offer you.


Want to get the most out of MODX?

Request our free MODX Audit and find out the points of improvement that are available to you!

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