MODX3, a giant step forward

MODX 3 Dashboard preview


MODX3 provides improvements like: 

  • Improvements for content managers
  • A new and smart dashboard
  • A new login screen meeting the AVG / GDPR guidelines
  • Previews of templates
UX contentmanagers MODX 3

Content management

MODX3 shows a lot of improvements regarding content managers, like: 

  • An improved 'tree' to navigate with;
  • Quick create buttons to create even faster;
  • Easily upload multiple files;
  • Fewer actions possible when right-clicking;
  • Fewer buttons that are used insufficiently;
  • More Drag & Drop 
Inlogscherm MODX 3

New login screen

The login screen is updated and provides you many improved login possibilities. The new options meet the AVG criteria.

Preview MODX3


MODX3 provides many smart previews that will make decisions of content managers easier.

MODX CMS illustrated

What is MODX?

MODX is an open source Content Management System. This means that the source code of MODX is accessible for everyone and you can distribute all your content to different web-applications, like digital signage. Thousands of developers worldwide further develop the MODX CMS. All information about MODX3 can be found on


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