The only way is up: ROI in 7 months for Biddle

A ROI in 7 months

Efficiency is key

You know the wall of air that you cross when you enter a store? That transparent barrier between outside and inside? This air curtain is a distinctive invention of Biddle, a global expert in climate solutions.

Our partnership was based on a new online strategy, where efficiency played a key role. Biddle asked us for a solution to help the marketing department quickly provide international prospects and customers with bespoke information. The outcome of the analysis and strategy was a multilingual website that highlights Biddle’s affinity for sustainable technology and innovation.

Biddle Brochure

PDF in an instant

We developed a brochure generator tool for Biddle that allowed account managers to compile brochures themselves. The output is a printable PDF, which can be passed directly to the printers. 

The brochure generator led to a major leap forward in efficiency in the marketing mix, both in terms of time and money. Thanks to the speed and ease-of-use of the tool, which is managed using the same MODX CMS as the site, job satisfaction has increased. With an ROI within 7 months, we dare to claim that the brochure generator tool is a success.


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