An international market leader

EVBox is the international market leader in charging solutions and services for electric vehicles. When the company was founded in 2010, electric cars were still the exception and charging points were scarce. Today, their 100% future-proof all-in-one charging solution is a major success. The numbers do not lie:

  • 50,000 charge points worldwide
  • available in 980 cities in 30 countries
  • more than 25,000 electric car drivers with EVBox charging passes
  • 36,000,000 kWh charged in 2017


EVBox platform

The EVBox online platform

Quality, safety, stability and user-friendliness are important to EVBox. This is also the reason why their in-house website developers chose to use MODX CMS.
A few of the features of the website include:

  • Call to Action (CTA) buttons on the landing pages ensure more visitors to the target pages;
  • the implementation of the Brand Selector allows visitors to request a tailor-made quotation;
  • link to HubSpot, the leading Marketing Automation Tool;
  • brochures and annual reports are sent to the website visitor’s inbox when they fill in their email address;
  • visitors can register for the EVBox newsletter on the website;
  • multilingual online platform: nine different languages available.


EVBox wanted to be sure that it was making the most of MODX CMS, and so they asked Sterc, a MODX expert, to carry out a check-up (audit). The following characteristics of the online platform were analysed during this MODX audit:

  • MODX implementation method;
  • website and server speeds: is the server optimized for MODX?;
  • privacy & safety: like SLL, MODX Core and 404 pages and many more.

The audit also involved evaluations of many other safety aspects that Sterc considers critical. To fully optimize each website, not only did we analyse the website code, we also provided training to the developers.


The points for improvement found during the audit were jointly discussed and subsequently implemented. The EVBox website was transferred to Sterc’s server. This server provides optimum support for MODX and ensures the fastest possible website speed. The MODX CMS implementation was also optimized to this end. A staging server was created to enable continued development of the website without affecting the live site.

Fast workflows are important for the development team to be able to ensure the continuous development of the EVBox online platform, which is why Sterc provided in-house training sessions to help optimize the processes and implement the Sterc workflow.

The boost of EVBox

Thanks to the success of this website audit, EVBox decided to choose Sterc as support partner, so that we can continue to analyse the further development of the website. Take a look at this energetic website: https://www.evbox.com/


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