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Although the popularity of contactless and digital payments continues to skyrocket, hard cash isn't going away any time soon. The secure-transport service SecurCash – formerly known as Brinks Geldtransport – ensures the safe transport of our cash. 
Sterc developed their corporate website, which is every bit as secure and reliable as SecurCash themselves.

The company's core values are security, ease of use and flexibility. SecurCash provides highly secure cash transport and insures your cash to its full value. As an entrepreneur, you need to know the risks of cash transport are minimised. SecurCash focuses on clients in the retail, catering and tourism sectors.

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Smart safe and cash-register solutions

The SecurCash smart safe solution is designed to immediately count the exact amount of money it is holding at any moment. The safe also identifies forged notes. It's security and convenience rolled into one! You can read about the many benefits of the smart safe solution at


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