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Europa Around the Corner: real innovation.

Map of residents around European companies

Online and offline activation

The SNN creates accessible online platforms for the integration of European initiatives in our northern society. With Europe Around the Corner and the combination of online and offline activation, residents can get involved in establishing European companies in their area.

Location-based online marketing

Is a source of inspiration, clearly presented with location-specific information, downloads and documentation for participants and visitors. Sterc supports the SNN with location-based online marketing. We are of course devoting extra energy to the online marketing in the run-up to Europe Around the Corner's viewing days. The interactive map lets you see exactly which companies are open for viewings.

Everyone has Europa around the Corner

Subsidy checker

In addition to 'Europe Around the Corner', we also established the 'Echte Innovaties' platform (Real Innovations). On, you can, as an entrepreneur, check whether your idea is eligible for a subsidy quickly and easily. The available subsidies are clearly listed, and you can carry out a quick scan to see whether it's worth applying.

Echte innovaties


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