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What is Somtoday?

Somtoday is a pupil tracking system which has several smart features and a high rate of flexibility. The developer behind Somtoday is Topicus, a big company that wants to develop the best ICT solutions using the newest technologies. 

  • In 2018 140.000 users are added;
  • An extra 33 schools are using Somtoday;
  • The total amount of users is 650.000;
  • And the total amount of schools is 190

Our work

Together with Studio Fraaj from Rotterdam we have developed In this project we mainly focused on the technical development.

We started by creating a website focused on the marketing goals. For this we developed content blocks, so Somtoday can easily change the content as well as the format.

To bring all the information in one place, we have developed a layover. By this, the information on the primary pages is short enough to get to know something really quick. At the same time, the more methodical users get all the information they want. Of course, we made the content in the layover indexable. Another perk of the layover is that users don't have to leave the primar page if they want more in-depth information.


There is even more...

  • We developed a seperate website for the trainings and workshop Somtoday offers;
  • Somtoday can create their own forms by our implementation of Formalicious in the CMS

And also...

  • Added a download functionality for whitepapers, where several downloads can be shown in one page
  • We linked Mailchimp to the website, so visitors can subscribe to the newsletter. We use the first name to personificate the newsletter. Somtoday can also create different lists, this way the newsletters can be customized for different lists. 

Our pride

With the new website and functionalities Somtoday is ready to grow even more. We are very proud to have contributed to this. 



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