Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts

Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts

A happy cow means a happy farmer! This is the vision behind Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts creative dairy housing solutions. Barn comfort has a direct impact on a cow’s well-being. Perfect living conditions result in animals that produce in abundance. This, in combination with equipment safety for the farmer, makes Spinder the perfect supplier for all dairy housing needs.

International results

Spinder is a major, international player on the dairy housing market. Spinder's new online platform has been optimized to facilitate expansion of its international business. The company has a European network of 52 dealers who can be easily found just by clicking on the new dealer-finder function. Each dealer has its own landing page where customers can quickly find all the information they need.

In addition, the platform is equipped with a multi-language module that makes it exceptionally easy to link to related pages in the MODX CMS. This ensures that the right content for every product is available in all available languages. It also means fantastic Google findability.

Spinder equipment

Product page

Spinder’s modern approach to dairy housing called for a similarly modern online presence. Spinder and Sterc have been working together for years. The most recent projects involved developing a new online strategy and tactical approach. We’re really putting Spinder’s solutions on the map thanks to straightforward and clear profiles of the company’s various dairy housing products. We developed individual landing pages to ensure that the products are presented in the best possible light. We have created easily discernible blocks on the homepage for the various product divisions. This helps site visitors navigate easily to the product of their choice. 

Spinder is good for the cow and farmer

Pinky promise

Comfort for the cow, comfort for the farmer, made in Holland, customization and service that is fast & close by. These the five promises of Spinder. You can see it all at www.spinder.nl/nl, see for yourself!


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