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Heavy duty lifts

Heavy duty vehicle lifts, that’s what has made Stertil-Koni what it is today. Operating globally with production facilities in the Netherlands which is the largest; the USA and an assembly facility in China for the Asian market. Stertil-Koni is the number one supplier of heavy duty vehicle lifts in the world. 


Stertil Dock

In addition to the Stertil-Koni product line, Stertil Dock Products and Stokvis Service are a part of the Stertil Group. Stertil Dock Products is the leading international supplier of loading and unloading dock equipment.


Stertil Dock & Stokvis Service

As well as Koni, there is also Stertil Dock Products and Stokvis Service. The first offers high-quality loading bay solutions, while Stokvis Service is a complete service organisation.

To serve the international market, to offer culturally-specific content, and to ensure ease of maintenance, Sterc was approached to build 28 centrally-managed websites for Stertil.

Domain structure

28 domains

Following an extensive strategic process that focused on unique buying reasons and the cultural diversity of the content, we developed an intelligent domain architecture.
Each international sales market and each division of Stertil has its own website. To manage these 28 different websites, we integrated one central CMS: MODX. From here, each content manager can manage their local website, targeting their own market and vehicle types.

Stertil Koni International website


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