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Veenweide Fryslan

We roll up our sleeves and join hands!

That’s the vision of Veenweide Fryslân. They asked us to create an online platform where information can easily be shared, and users stay up-to-date with the latest news.

With the help of our Sterc Model, we defined the wishes and online goals. Together with Veenweide Fryslân, we created a solid online strategy.


Strong approach

The model consists of three crucial phases: analyze & define, translate, and achieve. The analysis was the most important phase of this project because Veenweide came to us with a complex problem that had to be translated to different target groups.

Sterc Model



After interviewing several parties like Wetterskip Fryslân, several agriculture parties and environmental parties, we came to two target groups: farmers and residents. The interviews showed us that it was important to the stakeholders to easily get in contact with Veenweide Fryslân, we did this by communicating everything from one sender. Geography was really important too, so stakeholders could see what happened around them.



We defined the following goals for these two target groups:

  • Updating: continuously send information to the stakeholders involved

  • Viewing: view where tests and innovation project are done and visit each other virtually

Mobile First Veenweide


Focusing on the main target group, the farmer, we created mobile first wireframes and designs. By creating a website that functions correctly on mobile, farmers can easily access information while sitting at the table or during farming. Click here to take a look at the site of Veenweide Fryslân!


We created a website that Veenweide can easily manage. They can also create pages using content blocks, so they put different pieces of content on top of each other. The result? A website which has all the information about opportunities and problems in the veenweide area and specific information for the farmers and residents.

Besides that, Veenweide can easily add PDF files and images to the website, the website can be shared with just one click, and it all functions well on mobile. Step by step we work on the further development of the website of Veenweide Fryslân.


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